LMC Safe Payment Methods for Online Taxi Booking

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Safe Payment Methods

As technology is advancing unfortunately it has become much easier and likely to become a victim of fraud. Therefore our team at Lastminutecarz has gone that extra step to provide secure payment services not only on the web but also on our smartphone apps. Our website is most secured and up-to-date with highest standards of corporate transaction security globally.
If your booking is much more complicated and would want to speak to one of our telephonists but would still wish to pay with your credit card this is not an issue. Another one oof our services unliike many of our competitors is that upon request we can send out a web-link to your email where you can pay for it yourself. You will be issued with a reciept (confirmation email) and reference number for peace of mind.
We are always keeping up to date and working closely with our IT team to tackle new online fraud issues and miscellaneous activities. It is all these extra measures that has enhanced our reputation and makes us proud to call ourselves London's fastest growing minicab company.