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We are equal Opportunity Employer.

Behind Lastminutecarz is a vibrant growing team of professionals, always looking to grow, improve and progress. We welcome new talent that will help us achieve our aims whilst being a step in achieving your own career goals. As one of the fastest growing minicab companies in London we are keen to provide opportunity for professionals that share the same enthusiasm and achieving brilliance in all aspects of their career either on the phone to a customer, monitoring the project or working closely with other staff members to deliver our high quality service.
We have three main roles within our company:


Unlike other minicab companies we believe your rewards are based upon on how much work you put in. With a career with us you could see yourself earning up to £1000 per week all whilst using your own vehicle too. You will work with one of the fastest growing minicab companies in London in providing a customer friendly and professional service to our ever growing customer base. We will provide you with all the resources and any training you might require for a very thriving career with us. If you are determined, have knowledge of getting around London and all this sounds appealing to you are more than welcome to apply for a driver position.

Drivers will require a Public Carriage Licence (PCO) in order to apply for a position at our company. If you do not have this you can apply for one at Transport for London by clicking here

We believe the more harder you work, the more the reward you should get. Our company runs using a commission based system, rather than rent. The benefit of this is it gives drivers more freedom to earn as they choose, and not leaving them tired down to a weekly rent burden.
Normal companies only deal with cash booking however here at Lastminutecarz we also opened a corporate services therefore for these booking you will be paid weekly.

You will be issued with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) which runs a software similar to the booking and despatch system in our control room. This allows jobs to be received which contains pick up, destination and passenger name, It also allows easy communication between the control room without the need to call. We also allow you to use your own mobile phone if it is running a compatible version of android.

All our drivers are subject to background checks therefore prior to starting work with us you will need to provide us the following documents:
Driving license (both parts)

  • PCO license (both parts)
  • CRB certificate
  • National Insurance No. (NI)
  • Motor Ordinance Tax (MOT)
  • Vehicle insurance
  • One personal latest photograph
  • Two proves of identification clearly showing your current address

If you feel you are the right candidate to help deliver our High Quality service then simply fill out the form given below. You must have a Saloon, Estate, MPV or executive car or have one in the near future to be join one of the fastest growing Minicab Company in London.

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Our Control room staff consists of a small team of controllers and telephonists, equally as important as one another. The candidate must be positive, customer friendly and able to work as part of a small team by communicating with our drivers and customers. You will be provided with any training that you may require however previous knowledge of cab management systems is preferred.

At Lastminutecarz we rely on technology heavily to deliver our high quality service. Our staff will assist customers when making a booking. They will advise them which car will meet their needs and also how long a minicab journey will take during peak times in London.

The candidate must be skilled at multi-tasking and being able carry on with other duties throughout the day. For instance providing chat support on the website whilst still taking phone calls and replying to email queries.

If you feel you are the right candidate for this Job then feel free to apply online.
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Description:Experienced telephone specialists are required. You must have high degree of telephonic manners, able to manage call under pressure, pleasant accent and voice, excellent listening skills even handling difficult customers.

Right candidate must have the following attributes:



Exceptional Customer Service skills

If you are a team worker, always willing to improve your interpersonal skills and don't crack under pressure then feel free to apply online.

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If you prefer you can also contact us or send your CV's on career@lastminutecarz.com .An enjoyable and friendly place to work since 1996, we await to hear from you.